3rd edition 2019Very short film
competition in
3 parts and 30sec.

Cinéhaïku Competition Rules

The Association Cinehaiku launches on Facebook a contest of short films on the theme of haiku (so-called « CinehaikusTM »). A haiku is a short 3-line poem, of Japanese origin, which celebrates the evanescence of things.

The Cinehaiku Association invites amateur and professional film-makers across the world to participate in this contest by directing and submitting their film via the Cinéhaïku website or through the Cinehaiku Facebook page (@cinehaikuofficial).

The third edition of the contest will take place from 4th February to 29 November 2019.

The contest is free. It is endowed with monthly prizes, with the exception of August, and one annual prize. The winning films will be shown during the Festival Cinehaiku, which will take place at artgenève in January 2020.


The organiser of the contest is the Swiss Association Cinehaiku, with offices at chemin des Hauts-Crêts 18, 1223 Cologny, Switzerland.

Its contact email is: contact@cinehaiku.com.

The sponsors of the contest are Memo International and the City of Gordes. The organiser can accept other sponsors during the contest. 

Duration of the contest

The contest starts on 4 February 2019 and ends on 29 November 2019.


The contest is open to all natural persons, regardless of their place of residence. Minors declare that they have the consent of their legal representative.

Participation takes place exclusively via Facebook. It requires an access to the Internet and a Facebook account.

Any participation in the contest must comply with the conditions of use of Facebook and with the present Rules. Any non-complying participation will not be taken into account.

Conditions of participation

Registration to the contest

  • Participants can register to the competition through the website or via the Facebook page Cinéhaïku, by clicking on the button « Enter Competition ».
  • Click on the button in the right hand corner « Send my film ».
  • In the pop-up window, click on “Continue as [name]” to accept the communication of the following information from your Facebook account: public profile, friend list, email address. The participant may edit the communicated information by clicking on “Edit This” and deselecting the friend list and/or email address, before clicking on “Continue as [name]”.
  • On the next page, complete the registration form with your name, first name, email, date of birth, telephone number, and nationality. The indication of the real name and first name of the participant is required (pseudonyms are not admitted).
  • Accept the conditions of the present Rules and click on « Send ».
  • Upload the film by clicking on “Drop or select my video” and then on “Send”.

Thematic conditions

The films adapt visually, in three sequences, the characteristic themes of the haiku. Examples of haiku poems and of « Cinehaikus » are available on the website www.cinehaiku.com.

The films shall not contain any advertisement for products, nor any political or religious claims or any other claims.

Any film with a content that is defamatory, injurious, obscene or against decency shall be excluded from the contest, as well as any film with racist, homophobic, xenophobic or violent content.

Technical specificities of the films

  • Duration: 20 to 30 seconds maximum
  • Structure: three visually distinct sequences
  • Sound: we encourage filmmakers to consider the importance of sound in the creation of their Cinéhaïku. Participants must secure the rights for any music used in their film before submitting.
  • Accepted formats: .mov or .mp4, with a resolution HD in 1920 x 1080 (horizontal), with a format 16/9 and not exceeding 70 Mo.

Selection of the winners

Every month from 4 February – 30 November 2019 (excluding August), an internal jury of the organiser will select « the best Cinehaiku of the month ». The jury may select two ex aequo winners.

The films selected month are automatically entered into the draw for the annual prize of the « best Cinehaiku of the year ».

In the week following the end of the contest, the internal jury will select the « best Cinehaiku of the year » among the Cinehaikus selected as « best Cinehaikus of the month ».

Beside the artistic and cinematographic qualities of the films, the jury will consider the virality of the films on the social networks, measured by means of the votes of the Internet users and the number of sharings on Facebook and Twitter.

The jury reserves the right not to award any prize of none of the films has sufficient qualities.

Any claim regarding the composition of the jury, the process or criteria of selection of the winners is excluded.


The author of a film selected as « best Cinehaiku of the month » will receive an award of €1,000. The film is automatically selected to be presented during the Festival at artgenève 2020.

The author of the film selected as « best Cinehaiku of the year » receives a further award of €2,000. The film will also be showcased at the exhibition.

The winner of the « best Cinehaiku of the year » is invited to the festival at artgenève in January 2020 to receive the award from a professional jury composed of leading figures of the artistic and cinematographic world. If the winner accepts the invitation, the organiser shall take charge of the winner’s travel expenses.

Delivery of the awards

Every winner is informed personally by email, by means of the email address provided at the time of registration in the contest on Facebook.

The winner has ten days to confirm to the organiser his/her acceptance of the present Rules and to forward its bank details for the transfer of the prize amount.

The name indicated as the name of the bank account holder must correspond to the name of the winning participant as indicated to the organiser at the time of registration in the contest on Facebook, or it must be stated that it is the name of the participant’s legal representative (in such case, a confirmation of the legal representative is required). The winner confirms to the organiser that he/she is the economic beneficiary of the bank account. If the participant is a minor, this confirmation must be given by the legal representative.

Banking fees and/or change fees possibly charged by the bank of the winner are borne by the winner, with the consequence that the amount effectively received by the winner may be lower than the announced award.

The winner of the « best Cinehaiku of the year » indicates whether he/she intends to attend the festival. If the winner renounces for any reason, any postponement of the trip or any replacement award is excluded.

The winner who renounces the stay cannot have another person have the benefit of this stay.

Authorisations for the reproduction and broadcast of the « Cinehaikus »

The participants authorise the organiser to broadcast their film on any media support of its choice, in particular on the Facebook page Cinehaiku, on the website www.cinehaiku.com and on any space of the organiser on the social networks (Instagram, private channel on YoTtube, etc.), without any limitation of place or time. The participants authorise also the broadcast of their film in cinemas, on television or in festivals, without any limitation of place or time. The organiser undertakes to mention the name of the director in the film credits.

Furthermore, for a period of three years from the end of the contest, the participants whose film was selected as « best Cinehaiku of the month » or « best Cinehaiku of the year » grant to the organiser the right to authorise sponsors of the contest to reproduce and broadcast their film on any supports for promotional and commercial purposes, without any geographic limitation. In this context, the winner authorises the sponsor to reproduce its trademark, logo or a visual of its goods at the end of the film with the the credits mentioning the name of the director.

Data protection

The organiser uses the personal data communicated by the participants only for the purposes foreseen in the present Rules (namely for communication with participants, delivery of the awards to the winners and organization, as the case may be, of the stay of the winner of the « best Cinehaiku of the year » in Gordes).

The organiser does not communicate personal data of the participants to third parties. The organiser does not use the friend lists communicated by the participants at the time of registration in the contest.

However, the participants expressly authorise the organiser and third parties authorised by the organiser to use the films to publicly cite their name in relation to the film and in relation to the Cinehaiku contest in general.

The participants may request access to their data, and to amend or delete them by sending a request to the organiser at the address contact@cinehaiku.com. Deletion of data leads to the cancellation of the participation in the contest. 

Rights of third parties

Each participant guarantees that he/she is the author of his/her film and that the film does not infringe upon the rights of third parties, and in particular upon intellectual property rights or personality or privacy rights. Every participant guarantees that he/she did not grant to third parties rights on his/her film which would be incompatible with the present Rules.

When the film includes a sound track or any other element protected by copyright of third parties, the participants are responsible for obtaining from the right holders the necessary authorisations for any use of the film provided in the present Rules. The organiser encourages the participants to use music that is free of rights.

When the film features persons in a recognisable way, the participants are responsible to obtain from the filmed persons the necessary authorisations for all uses of the film provided in the present Rules.


The organiser shall incur no liability in case of amendment of the present Rules or for the case of a postponement, prolongation, shortening or cancellation of the contest.

The organiser shall incur no liability in case of postponement or cancellation of the Festival Cinehaiku in Gordes.

The organiser shall incur no liability in case of a dysfunction of the Internet network which would prevent the good rolling -out of the contest, or in case of any technical, material or software failure which for instance and without limitation, would prevent a participant from uploading the film, or from having knowledge of his/her selection or from confirming his/her acceptance of the prize and of the Rules.

Amendment of the Rules

The organiser reserves the right to amend the Rules at any time.

Applicable law

The contest is exclusively governed by Swiss law.

30 January 2017