Very short film
competition in
3 parts and 30sec.

The Contest 2024

The Cinéhaïku 2024 has started, get ready ! We are happy to welcome all participants!

The novelty of this edition: a quarterly rhythm with a theme defined to guide everyone’s inspiration.

All year 2024, a quarterly prize of € 1 000 will be awarded to the most noticed Cinéhaïku.

Feel free to imagine your poetic film by following a simple exercise: respecting the rules of haiku by adapting them in audiovisual form. In 3 shots and no more than 30 seconds.



  • Create your own Cinéhaïku while respecting the theme and the contest rules.
  • Subscribe on our Instagram or the Facebook page.
  • Your film must be free of copyright restrictions.
  • Duration: 20 to 30 seconds maximum.
  • A Cinéhaïku is structured in three distinct parts as haiku. Superimposed images or transitions will be counted separately. 
  • Sound: it is encouraged to consider the importance of sound – or the lack thereof – in the creation of a Cinéhaïku. Please make sure you have secured the rights for any music or sound used in the movie before submitting.
  • Accepted formats: .mov or .mp4, with a resolution HD in 1920 x 1080 (horizontal), with a format 16/9 and not exceeding 70 MB.
  • Any film with a content that is defamatory, injurious, obscene or against decency shall be excluded from the contest, homophobic, xenophobic or violent content.
  • There is no limit on the number of movies a participant can submit.
  • Do not add text, titles or generics to your movie.